Weaver-Price will start from the concept stage, discussing with you the preliminary parameters to start designing your ideal yacht. From there we will conduct a design and feasibility study including preliminary design, finding suitable builders from around the world and put all pricing options together. After this phase we will proceed with contract negotiations on behalf of the client with builders and suppliers, produce working drawings with a small and highly qualified group of consultants and follow the project through to launch. Weaver-Price use the latest versions of sophisticated software including WIN design LPP/ VPP, Rhino, Multisurf, Fastship, AutoCad and HydroComps SwiftCraft propulsion software to optimize the design.

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As a professional and independent project manager, Weaver Price will personally provide the expertise to ensure the project goals are met on time, on budget and constructed to the highest standards.

• Contract negotiation
• Design Development
• Construction Supervision
• Equipment procurement
• Commissioning, measurement supervision, tuning

The project manager responsibility includes the main liaison between the client (you) the designer, builder and suppliers. Selecting and negotiating contracts, Construction supervision developing and working from detailed spreadsheets to control each process for time frame and cost ensuring the final product will be the best. Equipment procurement using a world wide network of industry contacts the best options and pricing will be made available to the client. Commissioning, rating and tuning to ensuring the boat is ready to win races.

Weaver Pricer clients come from around the world including USA, Hawaii, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil and England.

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